It’s time to stop selling with your content

Are you one of those inbound marketers who try to sell his product or service through content? Then it’s time for you to take a break and realize the fact that it’s time to stop selling with your content, instead you need to help your customer with your content. Yes! Stop selling and start helping!

Great content is not enough!

Content marketing isn’t just about having great content. It’s about having a super duper content which is absolutely relevant for your customer, which is truly useful for your customer, which actually helps your customer! Your content should be powerful enough to touch the lives of millions with those written words. So how will you create this compelling content? The answer is to listen to your customer.



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Social listening-the new mantra of content marketing

Get to know what your customer talks about your product or services. What they love about your product, what they hate about it, what are their expectations. It’s important to listen to everything they talk about you. Here comes the significance of social listening or social media monitoring. It’s all about finding and analyzing the conversations about your product or service on social media channels. Use an appropriate social media monitoring tool to capture all the “talks” about you. Understand the pain points of your customers. Understand what’s good about your product. Understand the expectations of your prospective customers; understand what needs to be improved for customer satisfaction. And now come up with contents that address these “talks”. Publish a great blog post addressing an issue raised by your customer. If you are a technical solution provider, come up with articles explaining solutions for issues raised by customer. Provide white papers which entails sufficient information about your brand or product to your prospective customers.

Thus, help your customers with your content. Build relationships with your content. Selling indeed isn’t about helping the customer. But helping indirectly retains your existing customers as well as acquires new customers.

So make your content king worthy enough to help your customers. Good luck with your content marketing.


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