Creating Static Pages in Ektron:

A static page refers to a standard HTML page.

Let us look into creation of Static Web Pages using Ektron.

You can follow different approaches for achieving this. Here I am going to explain a simple approach for creation of static pages, without making use of PageBuilder technology in Ektron.

Creation of static pages by using QuickLinks in Ektron:


Create Template Page:

Create an ASPX page in Visual Studio, as this template page is going to be a static page, we can add a few ContentBlock Server Controls and necessary styling to it.

A sample Template page looks like this:

[gist /]

We can assign “DynamicParameter” attribute to the ContentBlock server control in order to assign the Content id through its URL.

By using this approach we can assign the Id’s by using Quick Links, also we can give desired Alias URL.

Create Quick Links:

Goto: Workarea>Library>

Choose a folder to which you need to add the QuickLinks,

Choose QuickLinks from the Dropdownlist and Click on “Add” button


Define QuickLink by providing,

  • Title
  • Url Link
  • Content

The url link should contain the content id’s as Query string parameters.

For ex,


Create Alias URL:


Settings>Configuration>URL Aliasing>Aliasing

Click ADD MANUAL ALIAS button,

It will allow you to create an alias by filling the following inputs,


You can choose the content to which you have assigned the QuickLink here,by choosing the content you will be able to pick the associated valid QuickLink from the adjacent dropdown.

Also you can give a proper alias name for the page, and fill out the remaining inputs accordingly. Once an alias is defined, you will be able to view the page with the alias name.

Thus, by using this approach you can create n number of static pages with a single template page.


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