Creating Master Layout in Ektron 8.6

Master Layout is a concept in Ektron which adds some extra functionality to PageBuilder.This is similar to the MasterPage concept in ASP.NET.

Master Layout allows us to have some pre-defined widgets / contents in a Page Builder page.Admin can set these common widgets and can set privileges to allow/restrict other users to edit this. Thus the “Master Layout” can be used to create further page layouts.

And the pages created with master layout will be inheriting the widgets/contents that are assigned to it.

Master Layout can be created with the following simple steps:

Create Master Layout Template Page

A template page (.ASPX page) needs to be created for this. Which should contain the drop zones ,other contents needed.

A sample looks like this:

[gist /]


Adding Template to the Workarea:

This can be done in the same way, we do for the page builder wireframe templates.


Assign wireframe template to a folder:

Now we can assign this wireframe template to certain folder.


Create New Master Layout:

New>Master Layout


The drop zones in the master layout will look like the following:


For those drop zones which has to be pre-defined in the Master Layout can be unlocked by clicking the “Lock” symbol, and the rest can be left as such. Once the widgets are assigned you can “Publish” the Master Layout.

This “Master Layout” can be assigned to a folder as its Template.


And new page layouts can be created with it.

The new pages will be inheriting those pre-defined widgets.


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