Getting HTML of a Smart Form Content In Ektron:

Smart form is basically a “Content Skeleton”. You can pre-define the way in which certain contents need to be created.

The smartform configuration is defined from,

Settings->Configuration->Smartform Configuration

Here we can,

  • Design the smartform,
  • Assign properties to it,
  • Define validations,
  • Assign XSLT to it.

Once a Smartform is configured, we can assign this smartform configuration to a folder in order to create smartform contents.

Once a smartform content is created you will be able to do CRUD operations in a Smartform content by using Framework API,in the same way we perform for other contents.

We can use the same ContentManager class here also.

For example,

In the case of Smartform contents, The content.Html property will return XML data instead of HTML.this is because the HTML of a smart form content is authored by means of its default/custom XSLT and its corresponding XML.

So how can we get the HTML of a smartform content?

I have figured out a way to get this done.

We can get the the XSLT and XML of a smartform content using API and we can make use of XslCompiledTransform class to generate the HTML from XSLT and XML,

The code snippet for this is as follows:

By using the above approach we can get the HTML of Smart form content in Ektron.


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